Windows Installation

Installation steps for coKreat reference web app on Windows environment

Pre - required programs

Python 2.7.18 Visual studio build tools 2017 (v15.9)
C++/cli support) build tools core features windows 10 sdk c++/cli support

Follow-up steps

Install node version 14.18.1
Install Angular CLI: 13.3.3
Create git account
Clone the repo from :

Run the application server

Open command prompt
Change directory to ..\creation-portal\src\app
set NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=4096
npm i
npm run resource-bundles
set sunbird_environment="local"
set sunbird_instance="sunbird"
set sunbird_default_channel="sunbird"
set sunbird_default_tenant="sunbird"
node server

Run the client

Open another command prompt window
Change directory to ..\creation-portal\src\app\client
Change mv command in package.json to move command
npm i
npm install nodemon
Run command nodemon
Open http://localhost:3000/sourcing on a browser tab