Sunbird coKreat
Sunbird coKreat consists of a set of services and ready to use reference application that enables you to create, source digital assets, curate them for specific needs and publish them for consumption. The web application comes with an inbuilt set of workflows for orchestrating the entire process.
The unique power that Sunbird coKreat unleashes is enabling of β€œco-creation” using crowdsourcing as against mere β€œcreation” of assets. What this means is that you need not create all the digital assets that you require, within your organization. You can source them from other organizations and individuals who can provide it for you. This potentially makes the process highly scalable allowing you to access capacity and competency beyond your select set of users.
This is part of overall Sunbird open source initiative. Similar to various building blocks under Sunbird, this is also open sourced under MIT license and you are free to adopt for your purposes. We strongly encourage you to contribute back, participate in the community to help improve this project.
DIKSHA - VidyaDaan Solution
EkStep, Samagra
Last release date & version
21-Oct-2021, 4.3.0
Last modified 9d ago
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